Why Stylists Recommend Salon Products Over Supermarket Products

07 August 2020

You hear it all the time! When it comes to professional salon products for hair care or cosmetics, there is speculation that  you are just paying for the marketing, branding and packaging, and that the cheaper versions of products,  do exactly the same job. 

Well, unfortunately this just isn’t the case. When it comes to the hair care brand that we stock here at Elle J Hair, Kerastase, there is a stark difference between supermarket hair care and this leading professional salon product range. 

Firstly, most supermarket bought shampoos and conditioners have sulphates in them which dry the hair out and fade the colour. The reason why shop bought products can feel super smooth after you have washed your hair, is because they contain plastics that coat your hair, but these will eventually leave it brittle, dry, and damaged. While both varieties of shampoo will clean your hair, that is where the similarities end.

Upon the first glance, the ingredients list on a store bought product would read very similarly to that of one purchased in a hair salon. But don’t be deceived!There is one, very important, difference between the two products – it’s all in the concentration levels.

The mass produced products often spruke their use of a specific ingredient, one of high quality that you would be likely to also find in professional salon products.  What they don’t tell you, however, is that the amount of this ingredient used is in trace amounts. This is really significant, because the tiny amount used will have no positive impact on the health of your hair. 

In addition to using minimal amounts of quality ingredients, the remainder of the bottle is topped up with fillers. Made from a variety of substances, fillers have one thing in common – they are void of any value to your hair. In fact, these fillers are damaging, because while they are giving the illusion of soft hair, they are really loading it up with a waxy build-up that prevents nutrients from getting in.

Unlike the Kerastase range. Kerastase create innovative products for women, who want exceptional hair. The solution for exceptional hair is different for everyone, and it requires personal attention and expertise to prescribe the exact products, catered specifically for you and your hair type. 

The secret to beautiful hair is ongoing care at home, using a professional products range. Just some of the benefits of using professional salon products are;

  • Highly effective.
  • They use much better quality ingredients.
  • They are more concentrated to last longer
  • You get the best deal for your money, as generally you only need to use smaller quantities of product, as it is more highly concentrated

Plus, there is a price difference for a reason – professional salon ranges simply contain better ingredients and are more concentrated products which will last you 2-3 times longer! So if you use it correctly it won’t be as expensive you think!

We all want our hair to be healthy, strong, beautiful and shiny! And the professional products are worth the investment. They may appear to cost more, but they are actually more concentrated, so in reality they’re very cost-effective and much better for your hair.

Kerastase has an incredible hair diagnostic quiz on their website, that you can do at home and we can discuss the results in the salon. 

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