Courteney's experience

My hair snapped off!!

4 reasons why and the lessons I learned…

You’ve have been there before, you want to be blonde and you want it done yesterday!
I was no different and when I had the urge to go for a lighter look on my hair, I did it without thinking of the consequences .

Now as a hairdresser I am embarrassed to admit I didn’t think it thru.
I hadn’t been following any long term hair care techniques and to be honest, I hadn’t been doing ANY of the things that you should do. You know, using good quality shampoo + conditioner, doing treatments, reducing heat styling… blah blah blah

Do you know why?
Because I never believed that it made that big a difference!

That is until my hair snapped off and I ended up with frazzled mullet!
Now the mullet hairstyle might have been fashionable for men in the 80’s … but as a 20 something female in 2017 , it was not a good look!

What had I been doing wrong?

1. I had big colour changes several times a year

I got bored and changed my mind too often. Going from blonde to brunette and then blonde again…..and then a bit more blonde again. TOO MUCH BLEACH without caring for it

2. I had been using cheap supermarket shampoo + conditioner.

It was easy to grab when I was food shopping and I never really believed that the $40 bottle of Label M Rejuvenating shampoo was worth it!
Why would I spend more $$ on a bottle shampoo & conditioner when I could get it from Coles for half the cost!

3. I never did treatments

Who has time to stand in the shower for 5 extra minutes once a week? Its hard enough to remember to do it let alone have the time for it

4. I used some form of heat styling most days of the week

Whether it be with a hairdryer, straightener or curling tongs, I was always putting heat on my hair… but never using heat protection products.

I started working at Elle J Hair salon and that’s when my healthy hair journey began.

I learnt that there is no quick fix for broken and damaged hair. You need patience and almost daily maintenance to have healthy blonde hair
Learning HOW to look after coloured/damaged hair and how important it is to do.

I started to have regular trims and a weekly treatment.
I stopped heat styling as often and whenever I do , I use heat protection.
I could FEEL my hair getting stronger.

Then I decided to splash out and treat myself to Label M’s Rejuvenating Shampoo and conditioner.
What I realised when swapping to a more expensive shampoo is what false economy the cheap shampoo is.

A $13.60 bottle of Pantene would last me a month and I needed a big handful of the stuff to get my hair clean. Yes it made my hair feel ok but I needed to wash my hair more often because of the coating it left on my hair causing it to get oily by the end of the day.

Now with my Label M rejuvenating shampoo + conditioner – yes it’s $40 a bottle but it’s concentrated and made with quality ingredients. I only need a squirt the size of a ten cent coin so I get at least 3 months out of 1 bottle!

My hair feels AAH-MAZ-ING!
I feel amazing because when I step out the door I’m confident and proud… My hair is in the best condition it’s been in years, my curls have come back ( they disappeared into the frizzy mess that was before) and my hair is super shiny.

So if you want great hair – avoid these 4 mistakes I made… I’m more than passionate about it now than ever … so much so I’m dedicated to helping you choose the best care for you.

Give us a call at the salon on 9907 2624 or book online here and we can get you started on the right track for healthy blonde hair today.

Courteney xx