Hair Extensions

Are you looking to add length, volume, or dimension to your locks? Look no further as we have the perfect solution for you! Explore our range of hair extension options below:

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are a popular choice for their seamless blend and easy application. Quick to apply, they are great for people with naturally fine to medium hair types. Using professional adhesive tape, these extensions are discreetly sandwiched around your natural hair, resulting in a natural-looking finish that sits flush against the scalp. With proper care, tape extensions can last for months and are non-damaging to your natural hair. Recommended maintenance refit is 4-6 weeks.

Nano Bead Hair Extensions

Nano bead hair extensions or Nano tips are a premium option for enhancing your natural locks. Best suited to naturally fine and medium hair types, they take a bit longer to apply than Tapes and Wefts but will last longer in the hair (up to 3 months before they need to be re-applied), and the hair can last up to 12 months. These extensions feature ultra-thin bonds that are virtually undetectable once applied, providing a seamless blend with your own hair. Nano Beads offer a full 360 degree movement range so you can wear your hair anyway you like without the restrictions that other types of extensions have. With their comfortable wear and natural look, nano bead extensions are perfect for those seeking a long-lasting hair transformation.
Recommended maintenance refit is 8-12 weeks 

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions provide a versatile solution for adding length and volume to your hair, particularly for people with naturally thicker hair. These extensions are applied using a weft technique, where the hair is sewn onto a track and then attached to your natural hair. With a variety of application methods available, including sew-in and microbead, we can customize your weft extensions to suit your preferences and hair type.  Recommended maintenance refit is 6-8 weeks

At Elle J Hair, we only use the highest quality human hair for our extensions, ensuring a natural look and feel that blends seamlessly with your own hair. Our experienced stylists will work with you to select the perfect extensions for your desired look, whether you’re seeking long, luscious locks or added volume and dimension.

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