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Elle J’s 2018 Hair Predictions

If there’s one thing we love at Elle J Hair, it’s a daring ‘do.

Making a bold new statement with your hair is an awesome way to get out of your comfort zone & celebrate your individuality.

We saw the platinum movement take over in 2017, with countless babes rocking icy blonde crowns. There were new variations on pastel shades, rose gold & ‘blorange’ tones, minimalist lobs , blunt bobs & flat waves.

Already we can see some new & exciting developments in 2018 hair trends, and the best thing is… Some might be even more out-there than last year’s!

If you want to take your hair in a less conventional direction this year, we’re here to give you some ideas. Read on to check out some of the quirky trends expected to emerge in 2018!



First of all, let’s get back to basics: The term ‘balayage’ as it applies to hair, generally refers to soft, subtle highlights at your roots, which lead into a thicker, more dramatic colour at the tips.

The great thing about traditional balayage is that it allows clients to try out a colour without having to commit to maintenance at the roots. There’s no obvious regrowth & the subtle highlights are a great way to add dimension & create the illusion of extra volume.

But why blend in when you can stand out, right?

‘Reverse Balayage’ is exactly what it sounds like. A light, golden base at the roots which gently melts into a deep brunette at the tips. For natural blondes or those who have been working with their colourist for some time to achieve the desired blonde, this process will be much easier.

If you have darker hair, you’ll need to be ready to put in some hours, because this look is as beautiful as it is high-maintenance.

We’re excited to see new variations of this technique emerge this year as clients, celebs & stylists continue to push the boundaries!


If you’re after something that’ll give you the edge without requiring quite so much effort, look no further than these soft ribbon highlights.

Super retro & low-maintenance, these subtle highlights are great for experimenting with a new colour. You could take inspiration from Sophie Turner (above) with these strawberry streaks… Or go for the more natural route with this barely-there, sun-kissed look Shay Mitchell is rocking – Beach hair without the beach!


… The brighter, the better!

The last couple of years have seen soft, ‘unicorn’ pastels rule the hair world, with 80’s neon hues taking the bench, just waiting for their time to shine… And that time is NOW.

Industry leaders are predicting to see the return of these head-turners this year & we couldn’t be more excited.

For easier maintenance, try playing with a darker, natural-looking root, allowing for a more predictable grow-out.


Or you could always do the complete opposite & have your vibrant roots steal the show. That way when your main colour starts to fade, you’ll feel confident knowing it was totally deliberate.


The Baby Bang’s back, alright!

Remember the Zooey Deschanel days when fringes used to touch your eyebrows? Neither do we. Because this year is all about the itty-bitty baby bang.

The golden globes ceremony saw loads of stars sporting these choppy micro fringes for the new year.

From fuzzy textures & boyish cuts to straight, Cleopatra-esque frames, there are tonnes of variations to this style, meaning anyone can make it their own.

The best thing is, unlike traditional bangs, baby bangs won’t close up or shorten your face, keeping whatever style you wear look fresh, open & edgy.



Turns out dusty pink & golden caramel is a match made in heaven – even the name sounds delicious.

This amazing blend of colours creates an incredibly unique tone which is bold, but still natural-looking, meaning it combines with other shades perfectly.

Whether you choose to weave this colour seamlessly into your natural shade or take it all-over for a brand new look, we’re definitely on-board.

So are you ready to take the plunge?

To help you put yourself out there & try something brand new this year, we’re giving all our clients who book a full colour service in February 10 free foils! (valued at $80)

If you’re unsure what colour will best compliment your complexion or what style will best frame your face, one of our stylists will be happy to find the perfect cut & colour for you.

We can’t wait to help you get out of your comfort zone & experiment with bright, bold colours & quirky styles this year!

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