It’s time for part three of our Healthy Hair series, where we share some of our best tips & tricks for keeping your hair looking & feeling BOMB for 2018 & beyond.

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We’ve covered the importance of diet & establishing an ideal wash cycle for optimum hair health, but today we’ve got one for all our aspiring Rapunzels: How to maximise GROWTH & why you should never forget the two big Ts – TRIMS & TREATMENTS.


First of all, let’s get one thing straight – you don’t need long hair to feel beautiful/feminine/like a princess. You can look & feel fabulous no matter what length your hair is! In fact, in many ways, shorter hair is easier to maintain & keep healthy… Simply because there’s less of it.

However, if you’ve got Disney locks on the brain, these handy hints are for you.

Let’s look at the facts: Hair grows at approximately one centimetre per month & up to 15 centimetres per year. So as long as your body is receiving enough nutrients to sustain this growth rate, the only remaining factor is making sure you look after the older sections of your hair i.e. The ENDS.

Without giving your ends a little TLC, it won’t matter how fast your hair is growing from your scalp, because split ends & breakage will lead to you LOSING length from the bottom at a similar rate.

Therefore, if you take 1.5 centimetres off every 8 weeks, you’ll be left with over five centimetres of HEALTHY growth per year.

It mightn’t sound like a lot, but it’s actually 0.0000000002 times as long as the distance from Earth to the Moon… Or one-thirtieth of Danny DeVito’s total height – you’re welcome.

If you want to grow out layers, it might even be worth sacrificing some length to meet the top layer before you begin your ‘growing out’ phase (as counterintuitive as this may seem).

Try cutting a long bob – not only will you be able to retain more volume & uniformity as your hair grows out, you’ll also be able to eliminate any brittle ends & ensure your locks are at peak health from the get go! Plus, it won’t be too intimidatingly short.

Now that you’ve got your trims scheduled, it’s time to put the cherry on top of your haircare routine: Deep conditioning treatments.

We wish more people knew just how ESSENTIAL regular treatments are for your hair health, especially if you regularly braid, use heating tools, styling products or sulphate-based shampoos. As hair technology continues to improve year after year, we continue to see more & more amazing results after treatment use.

So what exactly do they do & what are their benefits?

  1. 1. They provide your hair with extra moisture, leaving it soft, shiny & supple
  2. 2. Combing will be easier, meaning you will experience less breakage
  3. 3. They help reduce & prevent frizz
  4. 4. If your hair is lacking strength, a treatment will restore protein & strengthen the strands
  5. 5. They will restore elasticity, helping to improve natural movement & bounce
  6. 6. Colour will last longer, so you can make the most out of your colour appointments
  7. 7. They deliver moisture & nourishment to your scalp
  8. 8. Your treatment will include a scalp massage, which is extremely beneficial for improving circulation, hair growth & stress relief
  9. 9. They will ensure your home styling routine becomes easier

If you haven’t experienced the benefits for yourself yet, make sure to ask one of our stylists about your options. We offer free treatment consultations on our range of in-salon treatments, as well as take-home support which we will tailor to your needs to ensure you get the best results possible.

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