caring for dry, damaged hair



We love being able to transform our clients’ dry, damaged hair back to being alive & beautiful… And while trims, in-salon treatments & correct product use can make a HUGE difference, there’s still only so much we can do in the salon.

The rest comes down to what you do habitually –How many times do you shampoo weekly? What goes into your body? Is your hair exposed to many environmental factors? Do you heat style often?

All these factors can affect the growth, strength & longevity of your locks.

So what exactly can you do in between appointments to give your hair its best chance of thriving?

We’ve put together some of our best tips & tricks for keeping your hair looking & feeling BOMB for 2018 & beyond.

Today we’re all about the WASH – why you need it in the first place, how often, what with & more.

Read on to find out if there are any changes YOU could make to improve on your wash routine:

‘How often should I wash my hair?’ The question as old as time itself… Or rather, as old as the early 20th century when shampoo first started getting used by the wider population.

The super short answer? Less is more.

But the truth is, everyone’s hair is different, meaning there isn’t really one magical number that works across the board.

Your hair becomes greasy in the first place due to the build up of sebum: an oil which is emitted from your sebaceous glands (sexy right?). This build up allows dirt to clingto your hair & the job of your shampoo is to get rid of these oils & wash this accumulation away.

Oil will spread faster over fine, straight hair & therefore might require more washes than hair that is thicker & curlier (which is more prone to dryness).

If you can get away with one wash per week, DO IT! Your hair thrives best on its natural oils. However, if you feel as though you’d be drowning in sebum by this point, try to at least give your hair one day (minimum) in between washes, as over-washing can lead to irreparable dryness.

If you’re struggling to squeeze in even one ‘no poo’ day, the following are all great strategies to help you push through:

  • Thorough, cold rinses
  • Applying some dry shampoo or bicarb soda at your roots
  • Brushing to distribute oil evenly from your roots to your ends
  • Wearing tight braids or a top knot

Believe it or not, even if your wash-frequency is on point, the lack of QUALITY in your shampoo could be doing more damage than you realise.

That three dollar bottle of no frills contains loads of chemicals you wouldn’t want to touch with a 10 foot pole & while you mightn’t ‘feel any difference,’ over time your hair will be sure to pay the price.

Finding a professional, salon-grade shampoo that works for you & fits your budget will make a massive difference – you’ll be able to get away with using less of it, your hair will be more manageable & you’ll have loads more bounce & shine.

If you’re not sure which shampoo is right for you, one of our stylists will be happy to help – we’ve got loads of vegan & cruelty free products available to choose from.

We hope you get the gorgeous, shiny hair of your dreams this year! If you need some more guidance, feel free to give us a call on (02) 9907 2624 or drop in for a chat about what your hair might need.

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