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We love being able to transform our clients’ dry, damaged hair back to being alive & beautiful… And while trims, in-salon treatments & correct product use can make a HUGE difference, there’s still only so much we can do in the salon.

The rest comes down to what you do habitually – How many times do you shampoo weekly? What goes into your body? Is your hair exposed to many environmental factors? Do you heat style often?

All these factors can affect the growth, strength & longevity of your locks.

So what exactly can you do in between appointments to give your hair its best chance of thriving?

We’ve put together some of our best tips & tricks for keeping your hair looking & feeling BOMB for 2018 & beyond.

While you’ve probably been told to trim regularly, use treatments & get enough B vitamins a million times, some factors affecting the health of your hair aren’t quite so obvious… Or controllable.

Case in point: We LOVE the summertime, but it doesn’t take long for the summer sun, wind & chlorine to take their toll on our hair.

Without giving your locks a little extra TLC, it’s pretty easy to end up heading into March feeling like someone’s replaced your hair with clumps of straw & crunchy fried noodles.

So here goes… Our best tips for surviving the great outdoors this summer (or at least what’s left of it).



A hat or scarf works three-fold: 1) It provides extra UV protection 2) It helps your scalp & hair follicles retain moisture 3) It reduces damage caused by wind, which is especially important if your hair is prone to tangling.  

The key to actually WEARING your hat (rather than buying one which ends up crushed at the bottom of your beach bag or hanging on your door handle at home – we’ve all been there) is finding one you LOVE.

Shop around until you find one which brings out your complexion & compliments your face shape.



Make heatless hairstyles your best friend!

When your hair is already being dried out from sun & wind exposure, there’s no use adding to it by whipping out your straightener (this means letting your hair dry naturally too – put that blow dryer down!)

Tight styles can be harsh on your hair, especially if it’s dry from the heat, so think loose braids, messy buns & gentle ponies.

These will also help minimise exposure to the sun by providing your scalp with some coverage.



The key to avoiding chlorine damage (and the greenish hue that comes with it) is to prep your hair before taking a swim. Your dry hair acts like a sponge & chlorine will dry it out further, stripping it of its natural particles.

If you’re feeling super retro, wearing a swimming cap is the ultimate way to keep pool chemicals at bay.

However, if you’d rather keep your mermaid locks flowing freely, it’s always helpful to rinse your hair with tap water before your pool swim, to ensure less chlorine is absorbed.


UV protection is most important of all – ultraviolet light doesn’t just burn your scalp, it also causes damage by breaking apart the melanin pigment in your hair.

If your hair & part is going to be exposed for an extended period of time, try using some conditioner on dry hair for a slicked back look – it works great as sunscreen. You can also apply some SPF 50+ to a Q-tip & run it along your part to avoid any nasty burns.

If you feel like you might need something a little heavier duty to keep your hair nourished throughout summer, we’ve got loads of rejuvenating, cruelty-free products in the salon & one of our stylists will be happy to help you pick out one that’s right for you!

Hope everyone makes the most of their last 25 days of Summer!

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