dry & frizzy hair

The Ultimate Battle: HAIR vs. HUMIDITY

Imagine this: You’re about to leave the house for a brunch date on Saturday morning. You’ve got a little extra time so it’s the perfect opportunity to try out those ‘Set & Forget Effortless Beach Waves’ that one beauty guru has been raving about.

You do all the right things: you use a protectant before curling, you leave your iron on the lowest setting possible, you might use a little hairspray to help hold your perfectly smooth boho waves in place.

Fast forward to five minutes after you’ve left the house & what started as bohemian chic has turned into Frizz Fest 2018.

Chances are, you won’t need to imagine – because we’ve all been there!

As lucky as we are to reap all the wonderful benefits of the Australian climate, humidity is one factor we could probably do without.

However, as helpless as you might feel stepping out into the elements on one of these days, rest assured there are plenty of strategies you can put into practice to stop humidity from wreaking its havoc… And we’re here to share them with you!



Strangely enough (and for a number of chemical reasons it would take way too long to list), when the air is thick & humid it can often cause our hair to feel dry & frizzy.

We find a lot of our clients struggle with controlling & styling their hair during humid weather because this dryness is causing it to have kinks & waves where it usually wouldn’t.

Our advice is to combat this dryness with plenty of treatments & leave-in moisturisers.

Keeping your hair hydrated will mean it is less porous & less able to absorb extra moisture when there is humidity in the air.

This is also why hair that is overly dry from chemical treatments & box dyes tends to be more susceptible to frizz.



This is a great option for those who are sick & tired of trying to battle the humidity season after season – some hair is just too stubborn!

We suggest embracing the humidity instead… You might even be able to harness it to your advantage!

Using a sea salt spray is a great way to encourage curls & texture and take your style in a whole new direction.

A perfect example was Kate Middleton’s famed trip to the Solomon Islands, where her standard, impeccable waves tripled in size & took on a life of their own.

Although the Duchess faced a considerable amount of backlash for being (shock-horror) a human being, we reckon she still looks bangin’.

The lesson here? When life gives you humidity, own it, flaunt it & rock it Kate Middleton style.



Yes, it’s wonderful to experiment with new styles, but as much as slicing yourself a spontaneous front-fringe sounds fun in theory, now is just not the time.

When the weather is unpredictable, so is your hair, meaning how it looks on the day you cut it might only last a matter of hours before it becomes hard to manage.

Not to mention the discomfort of having those oh-so-glamorous bangs ending up slicked to your forehead every time you exercise, go on a night out… Or just leave the house in general.

If you’re in the mood for a change, try mixing up your colour, taking some length off or ANYTHING but cutting bangs for the first time. Seriously.


We hope these tips help you make it through the season with your hair looking as fabulous as ever, regardless of the weather!

Feel free to give us a call on (02) 9907 2624 or drop in for a chat with one of our experts about what else you can do to keep your hair in top condition all year ‘round.