cutting your bangs

How to break up with your bangs

Cutting a fringe can be like getting into a new relationship.

It might turn out to be the thing that’s been missing from your life this whole time…

OR you may end up realising you’ve made a commitment without being prepared for the upkeep & now they’re holding you back from the life you’re trying to live when all you really wanted was a fresh start to spice things up… *sigh*

If this sounds like you, don’t worry – the Elle J team is here to help you break up with your bangs once & for all… Or at least until the next time you’re bored on a rainy day & go running right back because #yolo.

1. Strategic trims

While this may seem a little counter-intuitive, there are a number of reasons why scheduling regular trims will be imperative during your growing-out phase.

Firstly, trims will ensure that your bangs stay healthy, allowing them to absorb more vitamins & moisture and therefore grow faster. Just like if you were trying to grow out the rest of your hair.

It also means your stylist can help you trim them in such a way that they blend seamlessly into the rest of your hair, while staying out of your eyes.


2. Choose your side

Switching to a side part will help you blend in your leftover bangs much faster than trying to split them down the middle.

At this point, the more moisturised, hydrated & textured your hair is, the easier it will be to keep this style in place. If your hair is particularly light & wispy, consider applying a product to give you some extra weight & hold.

Now all you need to do is part your hair to the left or right, comb your fringe straightforward from the crown & then swoop them to one side – voilà!

3. Embrace your inner 90s teen

Because let’s be real, funky headbands, rainbow bobby pins, colourful clips & barrettes are VERY underrated these days.

Silk headscarves & thick, hardy headbands are incredibly practical when it comes to keeping those pesky, adolescent bangs out of your eyes.

Whether you go for the Audrey Hepburn, the Jackie Onassis or the Blair Waldorf, the end result is sure to be classy & elegant.

If headbands aren’t your thing, try securing your bangs at the side using some strategically-placed bobby pins or hair clips. If your hair is particularly slippery, spray your pins with hairspray to give you some extra grip.

4. Get braiding!

The great thing about braids is that you’ve got so much variety to choose from – so if you feel like a French braid doesn’t frame your face the way you like, you can opt for a cheeky side-braid or a crown.

Once again, it might be helpful to add some extra texture & hold to ensure none of the shorter hairs escape, especially if it’s day one of your wash cycle.

And if you think braids are only for Laura Ingalls & Pippi Longstocking, check out some of these chic celebrity styles which are a little less farm-girl & a little more 21st century red-carpet.


5. Keep calm & stick with it

The classic conundrum: When you’re maintaining your fringe, it feels like it’s growing annoyingly fast & you’re constantly booking hair appointments just to keep it at the right length, but as soon as you decide to grow it out, it seems to take FOREVER!

Don’t worry, with a little patience, commitment & creativity the ‘awkward’ growing out phase might even help you find some new go-to styles that you feel great in.

If you’re struggling to break up with a fringe or another hairstyle that just doesn’t feel right anymore, we’re here to help you stay strong & come out the other side feeling fabulous!

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