MET Gala Hair trends

3 Met Gala Hair Trends You Can Totally Rock off the Red Carpet

The Met Gala is one of the most glamorous nights of the year & one that’s forever on our Instagram & Facebook feeds for what feels like YEARS after the fact.  This year’s elaborate theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & the Catholic Imagination,” saw some of the most INCREDIBLE hairstyles and headpieces of all time & we are HERE FOR IT. Now, although we wish we could re-create the looks exactly & parade around the salon, some of them aren’t so practical & unfortunately we don’t always have 3 hrs every morning to get it together. Here’s our take on 3 Met Gala looks, that you can rock Monday to Fri-yay!

1. Sleek Up Do’s: Rosie Huntington- Whitely & Lily Collins had sleek strands at the Met and both adorned with fabulous headpieces. Sleek hair into braided high buns and sleek low buns are an easy trend to master at home. The key to achieving this look is working with two-day-old hair (freshly washed is a no –go) and adding some product (a pomade or gel) in order to get that silky finish.

Pull the hair back into either a high or low ponytail, plait or twist the hair, and pin into a bun. Smooth down any fly-aways with a strong hold hairspray and you’re good to go.

2. Rapunzel length locks: So many celebs were rocking loooooong extensions. Ariana Grande had a platinum blonde high pony tail swaying as she regally strutted the carpet. Kendall Jenner took a leaf out of sister Kim Kardashian’s book and wore a low wavy pony tail, a simple hair execution to match her effortlessly chic white jumpsuit ensemble.

Rita Ora stunned with almost knee-length hair, while the OG Kim Kardashian was flawless with a half up half down style.

When it comes to extensions, it’s important that they’re matched in density to your natural hair, which should be in healthy condition. That way, you’ll enjoy your extensions and your natural hair doesn’t have to suffer! If you want to take the extension plunge, contact us for an in-salon consultation so we can get your new locks looking Met Gala worthy.

3. Head Pieces & Accessories: You definitely couldn’t have blinked and missed the incredible headpieces on the carpet. It was go hard or go home & they didn’t shy away from jewels or crown-like designs.

As awesome and empowering it may be to wear a mini crown on the daily, there are probably some more appropriate designs that will still give you those met gala vibes during your Monday morning meeting.

Jewelled Headbands: Headbands are a simple way to integrate some old school glam into your everyday style. Style your hair in a loose low bun, curl some strands of hair around the face and there you have it! A sophisticated put together look, fit for a gala.

Feeling slightly more adventurous or have a day at the races planned? A structured metal fascinator, teamed with a wavy high ponytail, is a chic way of bringing an air of elegance and sophistication to your race day outfit. Look out fashions on the field!

If you’re already rocking a lob or textured bob, add some interest with slide pins or decorative bobby pins.  Start by parting your hair on the side, add some curls or straighten the lengths and then pin the bobbies in line with your ear. This creates a slicked back one side look and adds extra elegance when your hairstyle inspiration may be lacking towards the end of the week.

We always love seeing what our clients do with their hair, so if you recreate any of these looks, tag us on Instagram with the #everydaymet @ellejhair!