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Short Hair Don’t Care! A Quick Guide to Embracing Short Locks

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel

Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Emma Watson, Margo Robbie… There’s a star-studded cast of gorgeous women from the past and present who have embraced short locks.

Having short hair means thick and healthy hair, low upkeep and more room to show off that lovely face!
Did you know there are over two million tags on Instagram for #shorthairdontcare? We’re always thrilled to see our clients come in for a restyle! However short doesn’t have to mean a pixie cut either (though we do love them!). Short hair can mean collarbone length, above the shoulder or a long bob; there are so many styles available!


Here are some of our best tips for being bold and taking the leap:


1. Going for the Chop

So you made an appointment – hooray!  

Already have something in mind? Bring a couple of reference photos to your appointment to help us out, so we can perfectly capture the look you’re after! If you’re not 100{48fc074a5d57a2361d7d0d4bfa08d384d7c263edfd5c04b8b3c28d099d08c41e} sure, we can sit down together and have a consultation to discuss what would look best and suit your lifestyle.

Giving your short style a layered look is a great way to add some texture & movement to the hair. Highlights and balayage also look stunning with short styles; creating a lovely sense of contrast and dimension.


2. Styling & Maintenance

The great thing about short hair is that there’s so much less upkeep! Short hair means less hair to wash, blow dry and style, so it’s an easy way to save some time in the morning.

Sulfate-free volumizing & nourishing shampoos are great for keeping short tresses bouncy & shiny! A weekly in-shower mask will help keep your lovely locks in top condition too.

To style curly hair, define your natural curls with a curling iron, set with a light hairspray and go! Just don’t forget to use heat protectants if you’re using hot tools. For straight hair, using a texturizing spray will boost your look and add some volume. We love using the label.m Salt Spray and Nak Surf Styler.

3. Feel confident in your own skin (and hair!)

Sometimes after a dramatic change, you may feel a little unsure about the reflection you see in the mirror. Don’t worry this is 100{48fc074a5d57a2361d7d0d4bfa08d384d7c263edfd5c04b8b3c28d099d08c41e} normal – it can take a bit of time to get used to your brand new look, so just rest assured, you look amazing!!

But don’t fret, if you find yourself missing long hair, just remember it will always grow back!

We recommend coming back every 4-6 weeks so we can give you a trim & keep your new style on point.

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