Care for color-treated hair

Some Great Ways to Protect Your Color-Treated Hair

There’s something empowering about a new hair colour treatment and a new look. Before you go through with it you’ve probably researched colours, quizzed your friends for ideas and looked at images of people who are proof that the color you’re leaning towards works. When you walk out of the salon you feel rejuvenated and in your mind you’ve committed yourself to a routine that maintains the colour, the length and the look.

But what you may not know is that getting a new hair colour can make your hair more porous. A professional hairdresser should inform you that the dye absorbs and releases moisture more easily and everytime it gets wet you lose colour molecules which is why the colour fades. In other words, maintaining the colour so it doesn’t fade while keeping your hair soft, full and shiny takes some work.

The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to keep your hair looking fantastic and maintaining the colour for as long as possible.

Opt for quality

For starters, ask your professional hairdresser and colourist to use a color with conditioning properties that continue to condition. Hair color with natural oils will help retain the moisture in your  hair and leave it looking shiny and healthy. A good option that ticks most of the boxes for healthy hair is an ammonia-free hair colour.

Wash your hair less often

Remember that the properties in hair dye absorb moisture and water contributes to fading. It’s best to only wash your hair three times a week, you’ll retain moisture and reduce the likelihood of fading. And wait at least two days before you wash your hair for the first time after you’ve coloured.

It’s best to use sulfate free shampoo because sulfates are chemicals that are really bad for colour treated hair.

When washing your hair use lukewarm and not hot water. Aside from preventing fading it contributes to the health of your hair.

Avoid heat

Using a hair dryer and curling is damaging to hair and causes fading. If you have nothing pressing and you can avoid using a hair dryer, take the opportunity to do so. The same applies to curl and straightening. If you need to curl or iron apply a heat protectant spray before you do.


Coconut oil can help protect hair against damage and castor oil can help it grow. There’s a few options to choose from – mix them as a hot oil treatment in a three part coconut to one part castor oil ratio and apply them or just add the oils to your hair ends before shampooing. A third option is to warm the oils and massage them into your hair.

The oils will make your hair sticky so it’s best to leave them in your hair for a few hours before shampooing. Oil treatments are great for color-treated hair, and there’s an array different kinds to choose from. Check out the properties inherent in each and see what works best for you.