stylish Ombre hair

Some Reasons Why You Should Try an Ombre Hair Colour

Ombre hair is stylish, fresh and contemporary and it adapts really well to any type of occasion be it casual or more formal. Best of all it’s low maintenance, which is on the top of the list of criteria for people who have busy lives.

So what is it that makes Ombre hair so appealing and so contemporary? To sum it up, Ombre is fresh and youthful but it can also add an energetic and relaxed radiance to more mature faces. When you consult with your hair colour specialist, make sure he or she works within a colour palette that reflects your skin and eye tones.


Shades or contrast

As the owner of a hair salon in Brookvale I’m familiar with how the sun turns hair a few shades lighter in summer and then, as the season changes, your hair reverts to its natural colour. In the process it takes on an Ombre or shaded look.

Well Ombre colouring produces the same effect. You can choose a gradual transition in shades or you can choose a more dramatic contrast in colours. You can go from subtle to contrast over time as you become more adventurous and accustomed to the idea of change.

You can also opt for a dramatic contrast from roots to ends on long healthy hair. Because it’s done gradually across the length of your hair the change is less sudden.

Wavy Gray Ombre Hair


Ombre is a low maintenance colour option

If you’re planning on going from darker roots to lightening the ends and staying as close as you possibly can to the natural colour of your hair then that’s about as low maintenance as you can go, short of doing nothing at all to the colour of your hair.

Adding a gradient colour to your hair is a less daunting transition than changing your hair colour completely. And thinking practically, Ombre is less expensive than a full colour and it’s just as stylish. It also fulfills the inclination that we all get from time to time to make a change.

Straight Ombre Hair


Grow out your roots

The downside of  a full colour change is the need to constantly touch up your roots. Especially if you’ve gone light and your natural colour is dark. The great thing about Ombre is that you can forget about your roots and let them grow out as much as you like.

Dark Brown Ombre Hair


Ombre accentuates styled hair

If you’re having your hair styled for a particular function or celebration and you’ve gone to the effort of selecting the right shades, Ombre will make the details stand out. Beach waves, straight, high and low ponytails, braids or a bun, they all look better shaded with Ombre.

Elle J is an award winning Sydney hair salon and hair colour specialist with a combined industry experience of more than 70 years. If you are considering a new colour for your hair then contact us and we’ll talk you through all of the options to ensure your choice of Ombre colour reflects both your personality and complexion.