trending summer hair color

This Summer’s Trending Hair Colours

As Sydney feels the temperatures starting to soar it’s a good time to have a look at what style and fashion tips we can borrow from the US and Europe now that they are heading into their respective winters. As a hair colour specialist on the Northern Beaches it’s especially fun to take some of the US and European summer hair colour ideas and to see how great they look on our clients here in Sydney.

In summer we wear lighter materials and lighter, brighter colours. Sensibly, we eat lighter foods because heavy foods zap our energy and if you grew up in Sydney you’ll be accustomed to having lighter hair in summer because of the exposure we have to the sun and the sea.

And lighter hair is great for summer. Ask Meghan Markle, she proved that even if you’re a brunette you can have fun with lighter tones (read on). It feels fantastic and it’s a lot more fun than a new pair of sunnies … not that you shouldn’t do both.

It’s the best time to be a hair colourist in Sydney. The colours this year are so much fun. Consider some of these options  for your 2019 incredible hair makeover.

Toasted coconut or peanut butter brown both combine blonde and brown tones. If you’re a natural brunette and you want to go lighter then toasted coconut or peanut butter brown could really work for you.The emphasis is on brown so that the blonde highlights really stand out. Regardless of the length of your hair, toasted coconut can look fantastic. Scarlett Johansson and Miley Cyrus have rocked it with pixie cuts.

Copper strawberry is great if you want to add a bit of depth to your skin colour for summer. Strawberry is synonymous with blonde but you can be much more imaginative than that, especially if you’re a redhead. Copper strawberry doesn’t detract from the vibrancy of your red tones, quite the opposite, it adds a new dimension to your natural colour and prevents fading.

Caramel spotlights or chocolate with chestnut. If you’re a beautiful brunette and you want some subtle highlights around the face then adding a bit of caramel or chestnut is perfect. Both are fantastic for brunettes; Meghan Markle went for chestnut on her recent Aussie tour and we’re still talking about how amazing she looked. If you have a deep olive or dark complexion then a caramel contrast may be better but remember,  it will only take a few subtle touches to work its magic.

Raven. Going lighter isn’t set in stone. You can go the opposite way and enhance that summer tan with a deep black colour. In fact, the beauty of raven hair is that it works on most skin tones. Raven hair highlights your bone structure beautifully and while it seems synonymous with long flowing locks, even a cursory look at pinterest or instagram will show you that it works with hair of any length. There are few looks that are more enigmatic than raven locks and black sunglasses. Think of some of history’s raven haired beauties; Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Demi Moore and Rihanna come to mind.

Watermelon. Is an elegant yet practical all over colour or one that you can use to highlight. If you are opting for highlights it’s a fun summer colour that you can colour from the roots, apply as an ombre effect or to just colour the tips.

Buttery Pearl or California blonde. Here’s a couple for the blondes. Blonde on blonde if you like. Buttery pearl is a glassy white with a hint of butter to maintain the depth. Buttery pearl is high maintenance so it’s going to take some good product and effort to keep it hydrated and to maintain the colour. When we chat we’ll talk you through all of that.

Hydration and maintenance also matters if you opt for California blonde. Because you add colour at the roots and blend gold with pale highlights you’ll need to be touching up the colour and concentrating on hydration with a good quality moisturising shampoo.

Maintenance aside, both colours are stunning and a perfect look whether you’re attending lots of parties or whiling away the hours by the water. You’ll be noticed, that’s for sure.

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more than 70 years. If you are considering a new colour for your hair then contact us to book a hair appointment. We’ll talk you through all of the options to ensure your choice of colour reflects both your personality and complexion.