Hair Colour Tips for Short Hair

Hair Colour Tips for Short Hair

If you have short hair; are considering transitioning or choosing a new hairstyle; or you’ve already gone for a shorter cut, then this month’s article has been written for you. We’re going to dispel a few myths (well one or two anyway), then we’re going to give you a few hints about what to expect from your shorter cut, and at the same time get you thinking about colour.

A new colour, or even a hint of colour, might just give you the satisfaction you’re currently lacking or the option to vary things up a little bit. If you don’t want to go for a complete colour makeover then you might consider short hair colour highlights at mid length or the ends.


The myths

One myth is that the short, wispy and unkempt look is the latest trend. That’s only partially true. Sophisticated, elegant bobs are just as popular and beautiful.

Myth number two. That short hair with lots of tints that lightly brushes, but casually avoids, the shoulders has more shape and dimension than close cuts that hug the hairline. Again, not so, both cuts are on trend. As are soft and short feminine styles on some and more defined and shorter crops on others. Bottom line, short hair in its many versions, is becoming increasingly popular.

So, now the myths are dispensed with it’s back to colour. If you’ve recently gone from long to short you might be having trouble transitioning. That’s not unusual. You’re used to looking at yourself everyday and now you see the same person in a completely different way.

Here’s something to consider. Did you just go for the cut and not transition in colour? If so, try going for a lighter colour (assuming your strands are in good shape). Lighter hair will enhance both your complexion and your bone structure. It’s not that either were lacking with longer locks, it’s more that your longer hair probably followed the contours of your face. With short hair, a lighter colour will illuminate your complexion and bone structure like never before.


Rose gold and box bobs hair

If what’s in fashion is important to you (don’t worry if it’s not, it’s not paramount to everybody) then ask your hairdresser to cut more texture into your hair. The more texture the more versatility for future cuts and the easier it is to stay with current trends. A mid length colour highlight will help with that too (read on).


How to think about colour when you have short hair

If cost is important, and it is to most of us, then don’t go more than three shades from your natural colour. The costs involved in maintaining your hair will hit your hair budget hard. You’ll probably have to reconsider your makeup palette as well, which, as we all know, is another expense that you’ll have to attribute to your hair. Keep it simple and work with what you’ve got.

Colour the mid length and ends. It looks great because it adds texture. Even if you’ve taken our suggestion to have your hairdresser cut more texture into your hair, without the colour it may not be as easily noticed.

So what can you expect to see on short hair this summer ? Soft and muted, worn in colours are the current trend for shorter hair. Nothing shiny or glossy and definitely not dark unless you’ve really workshopped it with your colourist and you’re convinced that it can work.

soft and muted short hair


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