2019 Hottest Hair Colour Trends

Hottest Hair Colour Trends and Ideas of 2019

One of the great ways to settle yourself into a brand new year is to hue your way in. That’s right, 2019 can be about nuance, subtlety and variation … not drama.

It’s a great time to celebrate the different shades of your personality. Which side of your personality would you like people to see more of  – Is it the lighter; the brighter; the daring; the softer side?

It’s an 1980s song but the Stranglers lyric: “Golden brown texture like sun,” could have been written for this year’s number one hair trend. If you have had the good fortune to spend some time off in the sun then your skin could be the ideal complement for the best hair colour of 2019 – ‘living coral.’ Recent images of Beyonce and Sienna Miller will confirm it. Beyonce has gone for living coral with a darker undertone to enhance her eye colour while Sienna’s shades look great against her skin tone.

But if living coral isn’t for you, our blonde colourist here in Sydney is watching what’s happening in other places. For blondes, the trend is refreshing your hair colour and highlighting your skin tones with hints of butterscotch, honey, vanilla bean or corn silk. Powder blonde looks fantastic against naturally olive skin. Rita Ora is currently sporting a Marilyn Monroe inspired look with snow blonde hair. If you normally go blonde and you want to exude confidence then make it obvious that you have no qualms about extending your dark roots. Kim Kardashian’s snow coloured blonde hair with dark roots looks very cool for summer as does Jennifer Aniston who has gone for the power look of dark roots with both a conventional and powdery blonde ombre. Some of the younger celebrities are doing it as well – mixing their dark roots with vanilla and warm honey highlights.

Redheads will never be outdone and our colourists know it. Some of the most exciting colours are being worn by redheads – vibrant copper, light apricot and dark caramel to name a few. You can credit Lady Gaga and ‘A Star Is Born’ with a trend towards some sizzling shades of orange and red. Nicki Minaj also has the big hair to make the red statement but red on very short hair is making its mark as well. Expect to see more of it as we see more hair trends heading our way from the colder climates.

From Cher to Selena Gomez, ink or jet black hair with a hint of blue leaves a reflective tone that looks like black glass. If reflective glass is too much, in the spirit of subtlety and showing your softer side try a dark caramel ombre with your jet black hair.


pastel hair colour


Finally, honourable mentions for the new year are some older trends with a contemporary touch. Pastels are back but their lighter and whiter. And strawberry blonde, while it never actually left, is mixing nicely with different skin tones when blended with honey highlights.

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