coronavirus quarantine hair care

We’re still in lockdown but not really. So how do I keep my hair manageable?

No doubt about it, you’ve surprised yourself. Adapting to social isolation hasn’t been as difficult as you anticipated. You’ve been getting up earlier and meeting your bestie for a pre-dawn, social distancing, power walk and then heading back to the home office. Shopping is sorted despite the initial problems sourcing toilet paper and hand sanitiser. 

You’ve become dedicated to home and garden maintenance and you’re cooking that much more because all of a sudden you have two additional hours in the day for preps. You even have Zoom meetings with the cohort you usually hang out with but can’t because of the pandemic. Some things don’t change. The friend who always drinks too much at dinner parties is tipsy when Zoom times out and as you slide between the sheets you realise there’s a strange quaintness to all this global upheaval. 

Your previous lifestyle is becoming a distant memory but sooner or later you know you’ll need to be presentable again because this can’t and won’t go on forever. 

And while all that extra exercise is wonderful, you know it’s not so great for your hair. Your favourite hair salon on the Northern Beaches is actually open and we’re very committed to safety and maintaining the four metre distancing rule. So you have the green light for a cut if you’d like to give us a call, but we also understand that there may be some resistance and for some of you lockdown has become a way of life. In other words, you’re prepared to go without at least until things are somewhere back to a new normal. The last few weeks have been promising but we’re not out of the woods yet.

But what will become of your hair when this is all over?

On awakening you run your hands through your hair and wonder when you’ll be able to have manageable hair again. Another walk and you’re back home for another wash. That’s five times in the one week, almost twice as often as normal but because you’re doing more exercise and more around the house you think you have no option. Tying your hair up day in and day out is not sustainable but you think it looks better than having it out. And as for the home cut, as suggested by your partner or teenager who like to claim there’s nothing to it, we don’t suggest you go down that path. Even though your hair is not as you would ideally have it, the structure and shape has taken time to develop – don’t ruin all that hard work just because you’re frustrated and getting impatient. 

So how can you avoid a hair-cut disaster but still maintain healthy, shiny, vital hair in a global pandemic. Well for starters we’ve already said we’re open and trading. Having said that, there are risks and we completely respect that if you choose to ride this out then we’re not getting to convince you otherwise. 

We’ve already warned against washing too much. The same goes for hairdryers, curlers, wet combing, gels and styling sprays. Detox your hair for a time: a towel dipped in warm water, rinsed and wrapped around your scalp will be far more effective and healthy for your hair. 

What you save on a cut invest in products

Stop with the frantic washing that may be keeping your hair clean but doing little to retain it’s natural nutrients. Contact us and we’ll give you the good oil – literally and metaphorically – on which products are best for your new, active way of life. 

A hot oil massage for your scalp nourishes and stimulates your hair follicles and rehydrates your hair. We have some fabulous products. Try a leave in treatment to smooth, detangle and prepare your hair for styling. A leave in treatment will also reduce frizz and help to detangle and improve that elusive Covid 19 manageability. It also gives your hair a great shine.

It will be great to have you back when you’re ready. Life will be a little different from here so maybe a new cut style or colour is a great way for a new beginning. Elle J is an award winning Sydney hair salon and hair colour specialist with a combined industry experience of more than 70 years. If you are considering a new cut, colour or style, contact us and we’ll talk you through all of the options to ensure your choice reflects both your personality and your new lifestyle.

Book online today for a free consultation with one of our stylists. We have the best hairdressers and the best hair colourist in Sydney. We will help you to discover your own, 2020 post Covid 19 style! Call now on 9907-2624 or go online [email protected].