Milk_Shake hair spray mask

REVIEW – Milk_shake Incredible Milk. Hands down the best all-rounder leave-in hair treatment!

Here at Elle J, we are huge fans of the haircare range, milk_shake and this is our review of one of our all-time favourite hair products called “Incredible Milk” by Milk_shake brand. If you haven’t heard of milk_shake, their brand philosophy is simple: use the power and beauty of nature to achieve gorgeous hair for all occasions. 

We rave about this product so much, we are often asked what the Incredible Milk hair product actually does? Incredible Milk is an intensive spray mask for all hair types with organic muru muru butter, fruit extracts and milk proteins. This clever multi-tasker spray protects from harmful UV rays, maintains colour, repairs all hair types, acts as a heat protector, detangles and maintains style. The miracle treatment adds maximum shine to locks, creates body and volume and controls frizz!

And there are 12 effects that it has on the hair, as listed below;

  • Repairs all hair types
  • Controls frizz
  • Prevents split ends
  • Protects from heat
  • Improves hold
  • Exceptional detangling
  • Extreme shine
  • Gives hair body and volume
  • Improves the effects of straighteners and/or curling wands
  • Protects and maintains colour
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Smooth the cuticle

It is very rare that one product can have so many effects and benefits on hair, this would usually take multiple products. 

Some other common questions have included, can you use milkshake Incredible Milk on dry hair? Which is a resounding YES!!! You can use it on damp or dry hair or both! I like to put it on my damp hair and once I’ve styled it, ill put a tiny bit more on when it’s dry to smooth and gloss over the ends of my hair. 

Does it smooth hair/tame frizz? Yes, it does! It also smooths hair and helps to tame frizz, so I am sure you can start to see why we are just in LOVE with this miracle, all-rounder product.

Will it weigh my hair down? No, it won’t! Another great feature of Incredible Milk is that it doesn’t weigh hair down, It also helps give hair body and volume.

What hair types does it work best with? Incredible Milk works on all hair types- colour-treated, natural, fine, coarse, straight or curly. It really is a miracle spray, as it combats and helps with so many common hair concerns. 

So now you’re asking…How do you use it? The directions for use are also really simple, just spray directly on towel-dried hair or pump 5-6 sprays into your hands and evenly distribute throughout your hair. Brush or comb your hair and then proceed with the desired style. And another bonus is it smells absolutely amazing- just like a dessert. 

As always, any product’s maximum benefits are achieved combined with the suitable shampoo and conditioning at-home treatment plan, for your specific hair type.

You can purchase the product from our online store,  here. We guarantee this will be a staple, must have hair product once you have used milk_shake, Incredible Milk.