How to protect your hair this Summer?

With Summer in full swing, there is no better time to think about your hair health! This hot weather comes with a whole range of factors that cause stress to the hair: from heat, humidity, chlorine and sun, our hair experiences it all!

Learn about our top 5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair this Summer Season!

1.  Coat your hair before taking a dip

Wet hair care. How to protect your hair before going swimming. Woman swimming in ocean or lake.
Before swimming we recommend applying a salon-quality conditioner to your hair strands. Your hair will try to absorb any moisture it comes into contact with, including your pool water. By applying conditioner to your hair strands first, your hair will be less likely to absorb anything else. Chlorine and salt water can cause your hair damage it does not need!

Top Tip: If you find yourself without access to conditioner before you take a swim, saturate your hair with fresh water instead. This will act in a similar way as the conditioner, making it less likely for any swimming pool or ocean water to be absorbed into the hair.

2.  Less is more when it comes to hair washing
Everyone’s hair is different, so to answer the question on everyone’s lips ‘how often should I be washing my hair?’ differs from person to person. However a good rule of thumb is ‘less is more’. The less you are stripping the hair of its natural oils, the less the hair will need to produce MORE oils.

If you can get away with one wash per week, DO IT! Your hair thrives best on its natural oils. However, if you feel as though you’d be drowning in oil by this point, try to at least give your hair one day (minimum) in between washes, as over-washing can lead to irreparable dryness.

Our best friend is Dry Shampoo! Using Dry Shampoo on the in-between days to make your style last a little longer, is our holy grail. In the salon we love the NAK Dry Clean Shampoo! It comes in both a full size and a travel size so you can take it on the go.

Other strategies to help your hair last that extra day:

  • Thorough, cold rinses
  • Brush to distribute oil evenly from your roots to your ends
  • Wearing braids or a top knot


3.  Slip Slop Slap
We know it is important to apply sunscreen to the body & face, but have you ever thought about sun damage to your hair. When people are sun-safe the hair is usually forgotten. Applying a high-quality hair product that protects the hair from UV rays before you head into the sun, will help prevent damage and colour fading.

The Milkshake Incredible Milk is an intensive spray mask for all hair types, that amongst its 12 benefits, includes protection against UV rays! Simply spray onto clean, damp hair, directing the product towards the ends, and work through with a comb or with your hands.

4. The healthier your hair is, the less damaged it will become!

Healthy food recipe to promote hair growth and hair shine.
There is only so much that can be done in the salon in regards to hair health – it all starts with you! A healthy balanced diet will provide your hair with the nutrients it needs for hair growth & strength.

We encourage you to incorporate more of the following powerhouse ingredients into your weekly diet – your hair & body will love you for it!

Berries, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Avocados, Nuts & Seeds are some of the best natural ingredients that can help with hair health!

5. Moisture Baby
Hair that needs moisture often feels dry and brittle. It may also look dull and tangle easily, and may be potentially prone to split ends. To treat this we recommend a regular salon quality leave in treatment or serum.

Our top fave is the Kérastase Nutritive 8HR Magic Night Serum, which applied at night, your hair progressively absorbs the nutrients of the nourishing serum to reverse daytime depletion. This milky-gel like cream melts into the hair to be quickly absorbed. The next morning, hair looks nourished and is visibly softer and easier to style, with a lightweight satin finish. Plus it also comes in a blonde formula for all our Blonde Babes!

We hope everyone is enjoying their Summer, and after following our ‘Top 5 Steps’ see amazing hair health results!

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