Which is better for the hair? Highlights vs Balayage

Which is better for the hair? Highlights vs Balayage:

Both highlights and balayage are colouring techniques that involve some level of chemical treatment which can cause damage to your hair when considering a range of factors. Our team of experienced blonde stylists have put together a list of things for you to consider before your appointment!

Technique: Balayage typically involves a more gradual and natural colour transition, which can result in less noticeable regrowth and therefore potentially less frequent touch-ups. This can reduce the overall amount of chemical exposure to your hair compared to traditional highlights.

Bleaching: The extent of damage depends on the level of bleaching required. If your desired colour is significantly lighter than your natural shade, more bleaching may be necessary, which can potentially cause more damage.

Hair Type and Condition: The condition of your hair before colouring plays a crucial role. If your hair is already damaged, dry, or fragile, any colouring process can exacerbate these issues. It’s important to have a consultation with your Elle J Hair stylist who can assess your hair’s condition and recommend the best approach to minimise damage.

Aftercare: Proper aftercare, including using salon quality shampoos, conditioning treatments, and heat protection products, can help maintain the health of your blonde hair and reduce damage.

In the salon we recommend the Kérastase Blond Absolu range to all of our Blonde clients. This range provides instant fiber care and immediate anti-brass action to achieve your ideal blonde.

The experienced & skilled stylists at Elle J Hair understand proper blonde techniques and use high-quality products, to help reduce damage. Book online today and we can discuss your hair goals to help you choose the best techniques and processes for you and your hair!