Leighton Meester blonde hair


Step one: Please don’t!  

Yes, as heartbreaking as it might be to hear, your platinum blonde dreams are going to take far more than a couple of hours in the salon. That is, if you want hair that isn’t in danger of snapping off every time you run your fingers through it.

We’ve seen the stunning Leighton Meester go blonde this month & no doubt will see plenty more celebrities take the plunge by the end of the year, but what they don’t often show is the time, effort & dollars spent to get them there.

Don’t get us wrong, we love, love, LOVE creating beautiful blondes here at Elle J, but we always want our clients to be prepared for what it takes.

So, you think you’re ready to commit?

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind before we help you unleash your inner ice queen:


1. We might say no

But you’ll thank us in the long-run!

If your hair is not in good enough condition to handle the colouring process, we’re not going to damage it further.

That’s not to say going blonde is off the table forever! It just means you’ll need to take some time doing in-salon & at-home treatments, re-building the protein in your hair & nourishing it back to peak condition before even beginning the colouring process.

If you’ve already been using salon-grade shampoo & conditioner, leave-in moisturiser, heat protectants & professional hair colour for years, there’s a good chance you’re ready!


2. Slow & steady wins the race

The slower we take you through the transformation, the healthier your hair will turn out!

Multiple sessions, often 6-8 hours each, are not uncommon, but this will ensure your blonde hair comes out the other side shiny, lustrous & full of life, as opposed to dry & brittle.

If you’re not prepared to put in the time, maybe have a chat to your stylist about another way to transform your look that won’t require such an extensive commitment.

The good news is, when you book yourself in at Elle J, you can while away the hours with your beverage of choice & plenty of nibbles on hand!


3. Work your salon visits into your budget

It’s likely that you’ll be spending more than you would on your average appointment, especially if multiple visits are required, even before you take upkeep into account.

Find out exactly how much your appointments are going to cost (this will depend on your hair length, starting colour & condition) and how frequent you will need to be in the salon, so you can work the cost into your monthly budget.


4. Upkeep is not optional

Even once we get you to the blonde you desire, extra special care must be taken afterwards to ensure your locks stay strong & your colour is retained.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly brassy tones will creep in without daily maintenance. The good news is, we’ll educate you on what your hair needs & provide you with products suited to your hair type, so you’re all set from the moment you leave the salon.

You might also want to consider keeping your roots a little darker, which will give you a more natural look & extend your time in-between touch-ups.



We have no doubt that if you’re ready to put in the time & effort, you’ll look FABULOUS with your new look!

Ready to take the leap?

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Alive, beautiful hair is just around the corner!