Blond hair

Blonde Hair Care Tips – How to Keep it Healthy and Bright

In the last couple of months we’ve given you some colour and styling options for medium length blonde hair and we’ve written about how brilliant ‘bronde’ is. With all that change we thought that it would be a good time to settle and provide some tips on how you can keep those changes looking healthy, bright, fresh and exciting.

And while we enjoy nothing more than talking about your next cut and colour, and seeing you of course, we also appreciate that there are some things you can do at home with a bit of sage advice from us and some very good and innovative products. Our tips could save you a bit of money although you shouldn’t let things run for too long before a follow up, and our suggestions will keep that new cut and colour looking fantastic. 

Wash your hair less often

When you wash your hair you are depleting the hair of its natural oils and nutrients. Washing too often dries out your hair and causes your new colour to fade prematurely. It’s not great for your scalp either. After a colour leave it for 72 hours and then every 72 hours thereafter. Don’t rinse excessively after you’ve washed. Tilt your head and let the water flow gently throughout. You might consider using a dry shampoo or better still, purple shampoo.

What? Purple shampoo

On the colour wheel – for an expert colourist the colour wheel is something that we spend quite some time examining – purple is directly opposite to yellow. Therefore, when the purple pigments within the shampoo are absorbed by your hair follicle, they override the unwanted, yellow colours to leave a warmer, cooler tone. It evens out the colour while retaining its depth.

A bit more about shampoos and conditioners

While we’re on the subject of shampoos, if you want to get some longevity out of your new colour then you should opt for a colour safe shampoo. Those fade fighting formulas definitely work.

If you’ve gone from a dark shade to a light shade then you might have stripped some of those vital oils and nutrients we were talking about before. A deep conditioning treatment has a great restorative effect if you’re hair is feeling a bit on the brittle side.

Heat and sun are fun, but …

They’re not so great for a new colour. We’ve just talked about those oils and nutrients that may have been lost in the colouring process. Well exposure to the sun and your hair dryer won’t help.

Life without a hair dryer is tricky. But your hair needs a holiday if it’s going to maintain its mojo so try putting it up or back just to give it a reprieve from the direct heat of a blow dryer or styling wand.

The same with the sun. If you know you’re going to be undergoing lots of exposure to UV rays then bring a hat – a nice hat, nothing daggy, we don’t want to take it too far.

We hope this helps. Next month we’ll be back to colour and cuts and change … In the meantime, take care of your new colour and have fun with it.

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