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It’s Bronde and it’s brilliant

It’s wonderful to be a brunette or a blonde, it really is. But it’s also great to break from the past. And in the process of breaking away from old labels – because who hasn’t been labelled as a blonde or brunette or redhead as the case may be – it’s liberating to not fear a loss of identity. In business they say that change occurs at the top and filters down. Well it’s the same with people and their hair. A hair colour might be a hair colour. It might be a feel good move but it actually promotes change at every level. Freedom. We see ourselves differently and we become more noticeable and noticed. We break the shackles to coin a phrase.

Brilliant. Now that’s decided let’s talk about something new and exciting. Let’s talk Bronde … Yes, it’s called bronde and it’s not only liberating, it opens up all kinds of possibilities and it’s the perfect term to describe a hair colour that breaks the normal description of brunette or blonde. If only we’d thought of it.

‘Bronde’ or ‘bronding’ is used to describe the mixture of blonde and brunette hair colours. If you have a brunette or dark brown hair base, honey or platinum colours can be blended to give you a bold and exciting transformation. Even if the application is subtle, light coloured strands can make your layers appear more defined.

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You can also blend your dark natural shades with more than one lighter tone. Consider this: a light brown base with golden-blond highlights, and some baby-blond highlights at the ends.

The same applies to blonde hair shades and blending it with darker colours. If it’s sophistication you seek then darker shades with your natural blonde colour will certainly work. You can have a lot of fun with lighter tones, especially if you factor in your skin tones and eye colour. That applies to both blonde and brunette hair colours. For example, if you have a deeper, rich skin colour and darker natural hair to match, then you might opt for highlights at the front and a shade or two lighter at the back.

If you have natural blonde hair with fair skin and lighter coloured eyes then your bronde transformation might lean towards the lighter shades of brown to really accentuate your eyes. Good hairdressers will be able to advise. At Elle J we factor in everything so that you will have a look that accentuates all of your best features.

Bronde transformation by Elle J

The great thing about bronding is that one colour doesn’t necessarily fit all. Check out some of our previous blogs on hottest hair colour trends and ideas 2019 and this summer’s trending hair colours for a variety of options and ideas. You’ll find some great references to bronding colours that can really make a statement and others that will just nuance your look enough to raise some eyebrows.

Straight cut, curly, long beachy, tousled or layered.  Bronding works on all styles and all cuts. If you hair is on the finer or thin side, bronding can give it dimension and depth. It creates so many exciting options: Brunette to blonde with a sun kissed stippling.  Brunette to strawberry blonde; platinum; honey or ash. All of them exciting and all of them refreshing. Blonde with light brown descending amidst flickers of caramel for a tri tone effect. If you’re a natural honey blonde / brunette you might try some light blonde streaks around your face.

The best thing to do is to book a time and come in for a chat and consultation. In the meantime do some research and find a look that you think might work for you. We’re both the brunette and blonde hair specialists in Sydney and the bronde hair specialists in Sydney.

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