hairstyle from primary school

Tackling TANGLES

Ok, let’s be real. Yanking a brush through your long hair after a full day spent in the great outdoors without taking adequate braiding precautions is MAYBE one of the most painstaking & frustrating processes in existence.

But hey, sometimes you just want to go to the beach or to a picnic without having to scrape it all back & opt for your go-to hairstyle from primary school. You know the one.

So, without further ado, here’s how to best keep those tangles at bay while still wearing your favourite loose, flowing hairstyles throughout Autumn.


1. Conditions apply…

Overly dry or overly greasy hair is going to be far more prone to tangles than hair with optimum moisture, so it’s worth taking some time to find the perfect conditioning product for your hair & a good balance between too much & too little.

Any products with sulfate or alcohol are going to dry your hair out immensely & lead to more damage, so put the no-frills products down & go au naturale.

As well as being used as a preventative measure, conditioning can also be used as damage control when you realise a single day at the beach has left you with a couple of almost-dreadlocks sitting at the nape of your neck.

You know that smooth, almost ‘slippery’ feeling your hair has right after it’s been conditioned & dried? That’s what’s going to prevent those knots from being too stubborn & stop you from creating zillions of split ends trying to brush them out (not to mention ripping out half your hair in the process).

2. Brush it off

Using the right type of brush & choosing your brushing moments wisely can both be useful in preventing tangles from wreaking too much havoc.

Yes, powering through those knots with a heavy-duty paddle brush that’s as big as your head & looks more like a weapon might save you a few minutes, but employing a little patience & a wide-tooth comb is a far more effective way to detangle without causing damage & if you’re someone who struggles with growing their hair out or maintaining volume, preventing breakage is absolutely essential.

You can also opt for a tangle-teaser brush, which we stock in the salon for between $29.95-39.95. The bristles are designed to work through knots with ease without causing damage, so they’re a great investment. 

Start with your comb or tangle-teaser at the bottom of your hair & work your way up, gently softening any knots. It’s best to do this when your hair is dry, as your strands are going to be more vulnerable & prone to breakage when they’re wet.

You can also section your hair off & work through one chunk at a time, which can be especially useful if your hair is particularly thick. Make sure to use your hand as a barrier between the section your combing & your scalp, so that as you’re detangling, you won’t feel the pain at your roots or be ripping out as much hair.

3. In your dreams

For a lot of us, tangles can actually occur in our sleep even more often than during the day, especially if you like sleeping with your hair splayed out & untamed, Sleeping Beauty-style.

Loose, low ponytails are best for preventing tangles throughout the night. Just make sure the band you use isn’t too tight, as over time this can cause weakness in your strands, not to mention that beloved hair-dent when you rise in the morning.

These are our best strategies, but if you’ve got some of your own that have worked well for you, feel free to share your own tips & tricks in the comments on our social media platforms. You might be able to help someone else overcome their tangle troubles!