healthy long hair

Take Care of Your Long Hair

In these uncertain times, we need to take care of  ourselves like never before. Apparently, social Isolation means that we’re all looking for an ‘Iso’ activity that will both keep us occupied and provide us with a sense of achievement. Not surprisingly, we look to treat or pamper our belongings rather than ourselves. If you’re not convinced, go and check out the queue at Bunnings with all their customers with their face masks and latex gloves.

Why don’t you forget Bunnings and the kid’s home-schooling for a while and consider yourself and your own wellbeing? Why not indulge yourself and do something that you often neglect. If you have long hair and one of those busy lifestyles then you probably don’t have time to do much more than put your hair up or throw it in a bun. Long hair is hard to maintain. To achieve healthy hair then you need to take care of it and you need treatments that protect your hair and make it sustainable for the long term.

A regime that provides your hair with the proper nutrition to keep it looking alive and lustrous is essential. We have some fantastic products that can delve deep and oil your roots to rejuvenate and strengthen dormant or dead hair shafts. If you want to keep your long hair looking fantastic and full of life then it should be oiled at least twice a week. A great tip for your scalp and roots is a regular head massage with coconut, almond or lavender oil. A head massage with one of these warmed oils is one of the best ways to treat your long hair.

A hair soothing treatment is another great way to wash away the stress and pressure of our hectic lifestyles, especially for those of you with long hair. It also helps to heal and reverse the effects of a long summer and the pollution, dirt and grime that we find in our environment. 

None of these treatments will be any good if you are going to wash your hair too often. Shampoo should wash away the dirt and grime that we’ve already discussed. But if you do it too often then you will start to deplete the hair’s natural oils and prevent it from being able to hydrate and repair. You will be undoing all of your good work. Be gentle when you shampoo and always condition your hair afterwards. Moisturiser obviously retains your hair’s moisture, stops your hair getting dry and protects it from the sun and pollution. 
But don’t use any old shampoo and moisturiser, we’re hair colour specialists as well as hair treatment specialists so talk to us first and we’ll protect your hair and your colour. To achieve healthy hair, long or short, visit us on the beautiful northern beaches and we’ll give a great cut and colour and plenty of fantastic tips to achieve fantastic looking healthy hair.