AGI ONE hair treatment result

Elle J Can Successfully Repair Your Damaged Hair

The best hair treatment for damaged hair that we’ve encountered is AGI ONE. Living in Sydney is a dream most of the time, but it plays havoc with your hair. Not only does the humidity leave you with a bad case of the ‘frizzes’ from time to time, it can dry and damage your hair. If you live near the water or love the water, and who in Sydney doesn’t, then that will only add to the problem. You need a treatment that will smooth, moisten and condition as well as guard against ‘the frizz.’ 

So this months Elle J Hair Salon Promo is AGI ONE. As soon as we heard about AGI ONE smoothing treatment we applied to be distributors on the northern beaches. AGI ONE technology releases nanoparticles directly into and onto the hair shaft to smooth and condition your hair. The dual action (inside and outside the follicle and shaft) repairs and protects against harmful UV rays and salt and sand.

AGI ONE has one similarity to other hair treatments like keratin – it protects against ‘the frizz.’ That’s where the similarities end though. Unfortunately other treatments are conditional – you can’t wash or tie up for a couple of days which means your hair is looking pretty drab and lifeless. They say (product manufacturers) that washing or putting your hair up may affect the hair shafts. 

AGI ONE by comparison to keratin and other treatments can be processed very quickly. You shampoo and condition with the AGI ONE system and then we straighten. 

With products like Keratin If you want to have a colour you need to be cautious. With a Keratin treatment you need to wait about five days. With AGI ONE you don’t need to worry. You can have Sydney summer hair colours immediately if you wish and the colour won’t be affected at all.

AGI ONE treatments typically last for between three and five months depending on how often you wash and how well you treat your hair. That is considerably longer than other treatments. Obviously, washing, blow drying and curling will cause your hair to fade and limit how long the treatment can last. 

The great thing about AGI ONE is that it suits every hair type; especially those that are subjected to the frizz. Thick hair, curly hair, wispy hair, coloured hair and chaotic hair – it matters not, AGI ONE can work for you. 

Book an appointment today with the Elle J team, located in fabulous Brookvale only a short dash from the iconic Manly, Dee Why and Freshwater. Regardless of your hair type, you’ll be blown away by AGI ONE.