getting a fringe at Sydney's hair salon

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Fringe

One of the hottest topics with customers and friends when we’re talking about hair is whether to get a fringe or not? You have probably all toyed with the idea of getting a fringe from time to time and many of you have probably gone ahead and done it with great results. You may have even had a fringe since you were a child and always maintained it. 

The reason it’s such a topic is that it can completely change your appearance and your look. And when we say look we mean your style. It is another thing to consider before you go ahead and do it. Will your fringe work with your wardrobe?

So when we are talking about fringes we need to discuss the different categories of fringes. They range from wispy long fringes that can look fabulous when they align with the contours of your face to the more conventional, blunt fringe on straight hair that suits a variety of face shapes and hair textures.

So before you decide before or against, perhaps you should consider the following:

Hair texture

If you have hair that tends to curl and wave away from your face when it dries then maybe a fringe isn’t for you. Same goes for relatively thin hair. Thick, straight hair is ideal for a fringe and if you have thicker wavy hair then go for a longer less structured or blunt look.

The shape of your face

This is important but not because your face shape should preclude you from having a fringe. Quite the contrary; it should determine the type of fringe. Longer or thinner faces are the perfect face shape for thick, blunt cut fringes whereas rounder or wider faces lend themselves to more unstructured wide swept fringes. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. As we mentioned some fringes can curl or be cut to the contours of the face and look fabulous. Longer thinner faces can look as wispy and wonderful as their wide swept fringes. One of the great caveats for all types of uncertainties is that it all depends. Your own individual look and style can be the exception to the rule. 

What time of year is it

We thought we should add something about fringes, hair and weather types because fringes can be a little labour intensive if your hair isn’t dead straight and obedient. If your hair has a tendency to frizz in the rain or heat and humidity then a fringe may not be your best option.

That goes for being time poor as well. If you have the kids to get to school after you’ve been to the gym and only a small amount of time to get your hair right then a fringe probably isn’t the best option either. You also need a certain amount of time set aside for hair treatment services. So it’s the same principle – unless your hair is dead straight and obedient then put the fringe off for now. The experienced and talented hair beauty professionals at Elle J will take the time to chat with you about your hairstyle and how to manage your hair after you leave the salon. For a great fringe contact the best hair stylist in Brookvale today and we’ll discuss the pros and cons.