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Colour and Styling Options for Medium Length Blonde Hair

Blunt or layered, curly or straight; try conservative for one appointment and go a bit edgier for the next. Medium length blonde hair gives you styling options to suit every hair type and personality.  

And when we say medium blonde hair we mean hair that is about shoulder length. That’s not to exclude people with long hair. We have loads of options for layers, lobs, texture, v-cuts, beachy waves, shags and vintage braids with the latest fashion and ombre colors. Bear with us, we’ll talk more about long hair in one of our upcoming articles.

Over time, cuts and colours and blonde hair highlights have developed for medium length blonde hair and some have stayed the same. For instance, the casual air of a flaxen colour casually grazing the shoulders is as classical as it is contemporary and suited to every occasion and any season.

Platinum, titanium and white

These tones can work equally well as highlights, balayage or ombre and as an all over hair colour.

A titanium glaze on textured straight blonde hair flows to the shoulders as smoothly as silk. If your hair is straight and quite thick, a blunt cut in similar tones or maybe something a bit closer to white gold depending on your skin colour, will emphasise the weight and shine. Wavy hair highlighted with one of these very cool shades can make a long bob look alive or if you have wavy layered hair then titanium or white highlights can add a chic dimension.

Stunning transitions

If you are a natural brunette who wants to make a statement, leaving your dark roots and fading to white or titanium can look sharp and dramatic or soft and casual depending on how you want to perform it. It’s a stunning cut but like any sharp transitions you need to be prepared to maintain it.

For natural brunettes, leaving a dark underlay to peek through your white or titanium locks is a great effect especially if you have some curls or waves. If you don’t have curls and waves we can always add them … just an idea !!

A transition from blonde to white is a stunning option but it also takes work and not everybody has the time or budget to maintain it. If you are committed it’s worth it, but it does involve a complicated dye process to leave a base free of colour irregularities. But if you are up for it then so are we … It’s a stunning transition.

Golden brown, strawberry blonde and sandy hues

Maybe they’re a little more low key but they’re still brilliant and so suited to our climate and lifestyle. These warm, feminine hues look equally fantastic on wavy, textured or straight hair.

Sandy shades on textured shoulder length hair works on most skin tones. If you part it in the middle and let it flow you will have an easy to maintain look that’s always appropriate no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more sophisticated full look then combine your medium blonde cut with some layers and chunky highlights. For these tones layers can do marvellous things. Not only do they add dimension and shape, the highlights will compliment all your best features. Lighter tones against blue eyes makes them glow. Likewise with babylights, they can really serve to emphasise your skin tones.

If you are keen to go from brunette to blonde then you can do it gradually. Transition with a deeper hue and it will give you more time to adjust between bleaches. The great thing about medium lengths and these softer, natural hues is that they don’t need a lot of maintenance. And medium lengths don’t need to cost a fortune. You can grow out the roots or use highlights to show a contrast in colour. Mix it up from time to time if you like.

We’ve added some instagram links from some medium length blonde celebrities to see who’s doing what and where with their hair !


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