Brunettes- Coffee coloured hair

A Change Season Brings a Change in Colour

As the season turns cooler we love to change hairstyles up and tend to opt for warm colours, deeper textures and choppier finishes.  In Winter, most people notice their hair is not as dry as it is in summer from all the swimming, salt water and time spent in the hot sun. In the cooler months it’s fun to give your hair an extra boost in shine and condition by enriching your locks with a conditioning semi-permanent gloss in deeper chocolate and chestnut colours that remind us of warm fires and glamours winter woollens.

Brunettes- Coffee and Caramel

If you’re already a brunette but your hair has faded to resemble a less lustrous shade of flat and boring brown, you could add some winter highlights for dark hair, with hues such as honey and caramel to give your hair some warmth and added dimension.

If it is shine that you are after , just remember that the darker and richer you go with your colour, the more shine your hair will have! Think shades of Chocolate, chestnut, burgundy, cocoa, mahogany, golden bronze and auburn – these are all super sexy shades this winter

Blondes- Balayage, Reverse Balayage and Root stretch

If your golden tan has faded and your blonde is looking a little tired, now is the time to look into the winter trend of a deeper root stretch and lighter mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Otherwise referred to as Reverse Balayage. Traditional Balayage is the french colour technique of  hand painting colours onto the hair instead of using foils, creates a natural but fresh effect through the lower tresses. But Reverse balayage is where your starting hair colour is blonde, either natural blonde or coloured blonde and still using the hand painting method, we add a deeper natural looking colour to your roots and softly blend the root colour into the mid- lengths and create a pop of blonde on your ends. This is the perfect solution to those who love being blonde but are wanting to have a change that is not necessarily permanent (and the root stretch colour can gradually fade out and be able to colour their hair back to their beloved blonde colour by Summer)

dark blondes and soft browns balayage hair

Picture perfect in pastels

Recently we have seen a great deal more blondes opting for soft pastel hues in their do. It really is such a fun way to play around with fashion colours by incorporating  beautiful pastel shades such as rosy pink, lilac and even soft apricot into your blonde hair. There are a few ways you could do this…1. You could add one or more of these pastels to your foils so it is only a very subtle peak-a-boo hint of pastel or, 2. you could be brave and go for a all over gloss in your preferred pastel shade which only lasts for 3-6 washes.

Blonde with pastel shade

Winter is the best time to try a fringe

If you have been tossing up wether or not to try a fringe on your hair, then now is the perfect time to give it a go. In winter its not as humid or hot so you will be able to style your fringe and keep it looking styled all day , especially while you get used to having a new fringe. The best part is, that if you go for the chop and get a fringe but you decide you’re not a fan of the new addition to your hairstyle, you can grow it out in time for summer so you can easily tie it back in the hot weather. Think of a sexy Victoria secret middle part long fringe, or medium length side swoop or full choppy eyebrow length bangs…. so many types to choose from!

Fringe Haircut for winter

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