plum and magenta ombré hair from Elle J Hair

Five Spring Hair Tips and Treatment Ideas

Getting the right look can become a bit of a preoccupation in Spring. More time spent outdoors is certainly a consideration because it’s engagement/wedding, horse racing and ‘we’re all just pleased it’s not winter season.’ It can still be unpredictable though. The high winds that were once typical in August seem to be coming later and it’s not that strange to experience a cold snap when, theoretically, we should be getting lots of warmer days, which we still do. In fact, some are really hot which just adds to the confusion. 

Unseasonal wet weather is now seasonal in Spring, so the point is, you still need to be practical about styling – it can’t be champagne and high tea on manicured lawns every day. There is a certain practicality to current hair trends in Australia but that’s not to suggest they’re boring. Quite the opposite. Your hair will still have to deal with the elements. You need to think about your hair type and what is going to work best and still look amazing – something we that we just happen to specialise in at Elle J. 

Let’s take a scientific approach and assess each hair type as if it’s a starter in the Melbourne Cup this November – a Spring highlight. 

Fine Hair
Yes, it’s smooth. Soft and silk-like but it lacks volume so if you aren’t careful and accounting for the aforementioned natural weather fluctuations, it can end up looking a bit lifeless. When you’re in next, ask about shampoos that can have your hair looking full, alive and thicker. If your hair is coloured, you might consider a scalp treatment, cleanser and revitalising shampoo. They’ll maintain the colour and the volume when the going gets a bit tough. Your spring carnival tip for cuts this season: Think about a bob; long layers or an ombre to appear as though there’s more depth. 

Coarse hair
Coarse hair looks as though it’s working a bit harder than other types of hair. That hard work can leave it looking dry and a little frayed. Use products that are restorative and hydrating – leave-in products are always moisturising. On the subject of styling, avoid styling tools and use braiding or updos. Both are adaptable for formal, informal or casual occasions. 

Dry or Damaged Hair
Your hair might be in this condition because you didn’t know how to look after it or which products to use to keep your hair in the best condition. That means your fine or coarse hair breaks and dehydrates and some serious restoration and TLC is called for. Phew, you’ve come to the right place. Best to call, we won’t go over all of the options here because everybody’s hair is different and what works for one person may not be ideal for another Suffice to say; keratin oils and products with an emphasis on reconstructing your natural qualities will always be a good start and please, stay off the styling tools until we get to chat about what will be perfect for you hair! 

If you have dry or damaged hair ask us about KhairPep Transforme hair repair treatment. Khairpep is a leave in hair restoration technology that reverses the corrosive effect of colouring, bleaching, straightening and perming. Khairpep transforms your hair by penetrating the hair in the way that colours do. Instead of having a corrosive effect on the molecules in your hair, Khairpep restores elasticity, strength and protein (keratin). We’re stockists, so ask us about it when you’re in next. 

Frizzy hair
Lack of moisture (windy days), humidity and having showers when the water is too hot will remove all the natural oils and frizz your hair. We have shampoos and conditioners to keep that frizz in line and to stop it acting out under stressful conditions. Trim your hair regularly and use deep conditioning masks full of moisture to stop it drying out and going it’s own way. For Frizzy hair you should ask us about our Agi One Hair Treatment promo. In fact Agi One has specially formulated three solutions for lots of different hair types. 

So this spring vist the best hairdresser on the northern beaches. We’ll give you the tips that are perfect for your hair.