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Is Ombre the same as Balayage?

24 September 2019

Hair colouring and styling has gained in notereity over recent years. With the changes in technique, some of them subtle, hair has developed its own set of buzzwords to describe the finer details and techniques that we like to use.  A common one that we’re asked to identify and distinguish between is balayage and ombre....

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How to Keep Your Coloured Hair Looking Its Best

31 August 2019

When you get a colour that really works, you want to its lustre to last as long as possible. The problem is, unless you are making a conscious effort to keep your hair and your new colour looking vibrant, you will start to lose colour molecules from the time you have your first shower.  Colour...

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How to Address Your Winter Hair Problems

31 July 2019

We love talking about exciting colours and your next cut more than we like to talk about hair care. But everything needs maintenance and your hair is no exception. So take the time to read about your hair care in winter and we promise that next month, as the weather ever so gradually starts to...

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A Change Season Brings a Change in Colour

30 June 2019

As the season turns cooler we love to change hairstyles up and tend to opt for warm colours, deeper textures and choppier finishes.  In Winter, most people notice their hair is not as dry as it is in summer from all the swimming, salt water and time spent in the hot sun. In the cooler...

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Blonde Hair Care Tips – How to Keep it Healthy and Bright

11 May 2019

In the last couple of months we’ve given you some colour and styling options for medium length blonde hair and we’ve written about how brilliant ‘bronde’ is. With all that change we thought that it would be a good time to settle and provide some tips on how you can keep those changes looking healthy,...

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Colour and Styling Options for Medium Length Blonde Hair

16 April 2019

Blunt or layered, curly or straight; try conservative for one appointment and go a bit edgier for the next. Medium length blonde hair gives you styling options to suit every hair type and personality.   And when we say medium blonde hair we mean hair that is about shoulder length. That’s not to exclude people...

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It’s Bronde and it’s brilliant

26 March 2019

It’s wonderful to be a brunette or a blonde, it really is. But it’s also great to break from the past. And in the process of breaking away from old labels – because who hasn’t been labelled as a blonde or brunette or redhead as the case may be – it’s liberating to not fear...

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Hair Colour Tips for Short Hair

28 February 2019

If you have short hair; are considering transitioning or choosing a new hairstyle; or you’ve already gone for a shorter cut, then this month’s article has been written for you. We’re going to dispel a few myths (well one or two anyway), then we’re going to give you a few hints about what to expect...

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Hottest Hair Colour Trends and Ideas of 2019

21 February 2019

One of the great ways to settle yourself into a brand new year is to hue your way in. That’s right, 2019 can be about nuance, subtlety and variation … not drama. It’s a great time to celebrate the different shades of your personality. Which side of your personality would you like people to see...

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This Summer’s Trending Hair Colours

08 January 2019

As Sydney feels the temperatures starting to soar it’s a good time to have a look at what style and fashion tips we can borrow from the US and Europe now that they are heading into their respective winters. As a hair colour specialist on the Northern Beaches it’s especially fun to take some of...

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