Short Hair Don’t Care! A Quick Guide to Embracing Short Locks

07 June 2018   Ellejhair

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Emma Watson, Margo Robbie… There’s a star-studded cast of gorgeous women from the past and present who have embraced short locks. Having short hair means thick and healthy hair, low upkeep and more room to show…

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Unicorn Upkeep 101: Maintaining Your Colourful Locks at Home

21 May 2018   Ellejhair

With so many amazing, vibrant colours available, who wouldn’t want locks that resemble an exquisite unicorn mane? A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how to safely take your hair to a healthy platinum blonde which opens a world of potential colour options. Once we’ve ensured your hair is still in great condition after…

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3 Met Gala Hair Trends You Can Totally Rock off the Red Carpet

15 May 2018   Ellejhair

The Met Gala is one of the most glamorous nights of the year & one that’s forever on our Instagram & Facebook feeds for what feels like YEARS after the fact.  This year’s elaborate theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & the Catholic Imagination,” saw some of the most INCREDIBLE hairstyles and headpieces of all time &…

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27 April 2018   Ellejhair

Step one: Please don’t!   Yes, as heartbreaking as it might be to hear, your platinum blonde dreams are going to take far more than a couple of hours in the salon. That is, if you want hair that isn’t in danger of snapping off every time you run your fingers through it. We’ve seen…

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Tackling TANGLES

09 April 2018   Ellejhair

Ok, let’s be real. Yanking a brush through your long hair after a full day spent in the great outdoors without taking adequate braiding precautions is MAYBE one of the most painstaking & frustrating processes in existence. But hey, sometimes you just want to go to the beach or to a picnic without having to…

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THE SEBUM STRUGGLE – How to combat oily hair

28 March 2018   Ellejhair

While the majority of us have probably experienced greasy hair at some point in our lives, those with especially fine, straight hair often have to deal with it from 5 pm onwards every day! Yep, just like the 5 o’clock shadow, the 5 o’clock oil slick is a very real phenomenon.

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How to break up with your bangs

11 March 2018   Ellejhair

Cutting a fringe can be like getting into a new relationship. It might turn out to be the thing that’s been missing from your life this whole time… OR you may end up realising you’ve made a commitment without being prepared for the upkeep & now they’re holding you back from the life you’re trying to live when all you really wanted was a fresh start to spice things up… *sigh*

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THE BIGGEST HAIR MYTH: “I could never pull that off.”

05 March 2018   Ellejhair

Hey, here’s a question. Since when did hairstyles come with a list of prerequisites? Ok yes, if you’re going lighter you’ll want to make sure your hair is healthy enough first, but those aren’t the prerequisites we’re talking about.

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3 Hairy Headaches (& how to deal with them)

28 February 2018   Ellejhair

We absolutely adore helping our clients experiment with funky new hair colours – but before we can work our magic, it’s important for you to have a solid, healthy foundation to start with. The following are three of the most common frustrations we encounter on a daily basis, along with a few tips on how to take care of them before you book yourself in to get that Unicorn-Mermaid-Frappuccino-Colour-Melt you’ve had your eye on. 

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The Ultimate Battle: HAIR vs. HUMIDITY

20 February 2018   Ellejhair

As lucky as we are to reap all the wonderful benefits of the Australian climate, humidity is one factor we could probably do without.

However, as helpless as you might feel stepping out into the elements on one of these days, rest assured there are plenty of strategies you can put into practice to stop humidity from wreaking its havoc… And we’re here to share them with you!

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06 February 2018   Ellejhair

While you’ve probably been told to trim regularly, use treatments & get enough B vitamins a million times, some factors affecting the health of your hair aren’t quite so obvious… Or controllable.

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Elle J’s 2018 Hair Predictions

29 January 2018   Ellejhair

If there’s one thing we love at Elle J Hair, it’s a daring ‘do. Making a bold new statement with your hair is an awesome way to get out of your comfort zone & celebrate your individuality. We saw the platinum movement take over in 2017, with countless babes rocking icy blonde crowns. There were…

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22 January 2018   Ellejhair

We’ve covered the importance of diet & establishing an ideal wash cycle for optimum hair health, but today we’ve got one for all our aspiring Rapunzels: How to maximise GROWTH & why you should never forget the two big Ts – TRIMS & TREATMENTS.

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16 January 2018   Ellejhair

Today, we’re looking at what you can do from the INSIDE to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients to encourage hair growth & strength, with 5 recipes you, your hair & your body will love!

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08 January 2018   Ellejhair

We love being able to transform our clients’ dry, damaged hair back to being alive & beautiful… And while trims, in-salon treatments & correct product use can make a HUGE difference, there’s still only so much we can do in the salon.

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Elle J Hair Festival

28 December 2017   Ellejhair

Music in the air, tinsel & sparkles everywhere… Festival season really is the most wonderful time of the year. What isn’t wonderful is the overwhelming pressure that comes beforehand to make sure you’ve got the perfect, glittery, Pinterest-worthy hairstyle at the ready when it comes time to take that sacred Instagram. Even if you manage…

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My hair snapped off!!

12 December 2017   Ellejhair

4 reasons why and the lessons I learned… You’ve have been there before, you want to be blonde and you want it done yesterday! I was no different and when I had the urge to go for a lighter look on my hair, I did it without thinking of the consequences . Now as a hairdresser I…

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